Superstar approached us for a creative solution, to reflect the corporate environment and the vastness of their company through a grant event, i.e, the Annual Business Conference. Here, they also wanted to introduce new products in their line.

Our Solution

Right away we knew that to boost up the corporate culture we need a grand theme for the AGM that will connect the employee, the stakeholder and the management together to create synergy. ‘Quest for Discovery’; the theme portrays the future goals of the company, and as achieving goals is a collaborative effort, the theme projects the company as a ship and with the effort of its employee and stakeholders to take a journey to reach the goal.

What We Delivered

A grand theme for the event including the mnemonic, creative and every other support required to put up a great show at Cox’s Bazar. With different segments in the event including a cultural evening, a CSR activity, i.e, beach cleaning, and a rally to create team building; the program stretched for two days with 900 employees and guests.

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